2 Large Rubber Plants

We emailed and chatted for several weeks. We agreed to a meet, at a local restaurant for dinner. I arrived 20 minutes early, so went to the bar for a drink. As I sat there and waited, I noticed a woman, at the entrance to the bar, there were 2 large rubber plants on either side of the entrance, she was hiding behind one of those peeking out. I realized it was my date, she looked exactly like her picture.

I proceeded to wait a few minutes, then approached her. She informed me, that she wasn’t sure she could trust me. So I explained I would finish my drink, if she choose to join me, great! If not I would leave. I went back and finished my drink over the next 10 minutes, then paid my bill, and left. She was still lurking behind the plant as I strolled out and never said a word! WEIRD!!

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