Hazelnut Creamer

It sure wasn’t funny at the time, but I had a first meet with a man I’d been chatting with and we decided he’d bring us coffee and we’d go to the park and talk. Well, I don’t drink coffee very often… like once every 5 or 10 yrs. And it has to have hazelnut creamer in it. So, he was kind enough to bring me a large coffee with hazelnut creamer. We were drinking our coffee and chatting at a picnic table about 100 yards from the public restroom when I felt that dreaded rumbling in my stomach. I’m thinking, “Oh, God, please not now!!!” Then the cramps hit and I started sweating and he asked if I was okay. I asked him if he would help me to the restroom since at the time I was having difficulty walking any distance due to a medical condition I have and he took my arm and quickly walked me to the facilities. I ended up staying in there for at least a half hour, moaning loudly and having every thing in my intestinal tract exploding out from both ends. I don’t remember ever being so violently ill so suddenly and he’s knocking on the door asking if I’m okay as I’m moaning and puking my guts out. When I finally was able to emerge, soaking wet from sweat and washing my face, a lovely shade of pale green, he asked if I’d like to go home. I said I thought that would be a very good idea. We have remained friends ever since but that sure ended any romantic thoughts that might have occurred.

I haven’t drank coffee since!!!


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