Extra Long Fingernail

I’ve met a couple of odd ducks, but the one that comes to mind is the guy who rolled up in an old GEO with a donut tire and multi-colored doors. He looked like he just rolled out of bed and smelled like a dirty sweat sock. He was twitchy, talking real fast, blinking his eyes uncontrollably. I noticed he had an extraordinarily long fingernail on his little finger and I asked him if he was coked up. He said “no, why?” I pointed to the fingernail. He said he had sinus problems. I said “so, you use that fingernail to pick your nose?” And he said “yes” … end of date.

Somewhere in all of his incessant talking, I recall him saying he was horny and asked if there was a hotel nearby. By the time I figured out what he said, he’d already moved on to another topic.

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