My Vagina Is Far Away

My first date turned up looking waaaay better than his picture, really dapper in a nice suit. I was really impressed considering that he only had one picture that wasn’t too clear. On first impression he seemed charming enough. We met outside a tube station and then walked to a nice Japanese restaurant/ lounge and THEN he started speaking….

First of all most of the things he told me seemed to be lies and did not correspond with the things he had told me previously or wrote on his profile.

They were not big lies but small ones like how long he has been back in the UK after working away and where he lives etc. I didn’t question it because I didn’t particularly know him enough to care. He even lied about going to the place that we were at, 6 months before. Now why anyone would lie about that beats me, but the place we went to had barely been open a month and I knew that but again didn’t say anything, just probed a bit to get him deeper in the lie to confirm that it actually was his intention to out rightly lie.

So by this point I know I am not going to see him again but I am not having a bad time, the conversation is flowing, but then he starts telling me stories about his wild and extravagant youth, and most of these stories involve prostitutes. Why you would tell that to someone on a first date I do not know. At this point I order more sake because I am going to need it to get to the end of the date.

Next he makes a “so called joke” about staying in a hotel around the corner. It wasn’t a joke but after I gave him one dirty look he claimed that it was. Then comes the part about how he likes black girls because they can “handle him.” I’m a bit slow so I didn’t get it straight away and he goes onto explain that Asian and white girls are too petite for him. So now I am finding the conversation offensive and it progresses to how he always has sex with women by the second date because there is no point dating them if you don’t know how sexually compatible they are.

All this time I’m just listening. I just let him keep on digging. The part where I have had enough is where he puts his hand on my thigh. I remove it and tell him that I do not feel comfortable with it there and he puts it back twice more. On the third go, I say “What are you doing vaginal healing? Why is your hand hovering around my vagina? What is wrong with you?” He laughs and says that my vagina is far away, and I tell him that it is too close for my liking. By now the fact that he is getting physical and not taking no for an answer. I simply tell him, “I’m tired I need to leave.” We leave the place together and go our separate ways.

He sends a text about an hour later talking about meeting again. Uh no. Just recently (This date was about 6 months ago) he sent me a message on here as if I were someone new and I reminded him that we had already met and he got a little pissy like it was “my loss” I refused to go out again. YEAH WHATEVER!

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