Baby Throws Up On Me

Baby Throws Up On Me

Here’s a nightmare of a date…

Was talking to a girl from POF (Plenty Of Fish) for a little while, went on one date and it went good so we decided to go on another. I opted to pick her up this time. I get to her house and she comes out with a little baby, hops in the front seat with the kid and says lets go! I’m like, you need to put that kid in a car seat right? (which she never mentioned she had a child and I don’t have any so obviously I have no car seat).

She says, oh, “I wasn’t sure how you would feel about a car seat in your car.” I’m just thinking, well, at least you have some consideration… She hands me her kid, runs into the house, the baby THROWS UP on me! She comes back saying the car seat was with the baby’s dad. I had no idea what to say at this point. Told her I need to change and I’ll come back and never looked back…

Good times…

He’s Wearing My Dress?

A few years ago I met a man online that seemed like quite the catch. Beautiful voice, we had a nice dinner and made plans for the following weekend.

After dinner, we went back to his place…Very flirty, very attractive man, with that wonderful Virginia silk voice.

He makes us a drink and some snacks and I took off my dress and got into the hot tub with panties on, figuring he would join me..

Well, a few minutes later, he comes sashaying out and parades around the hot tub…WEARING MY DRESS! I’m 5’4, he was 6’4, so needless to say, there were things showing (for some reason, he was naked under MY DRESS), that I wasn’t comfortable seeing, sticking out of the bottom of my dress.

I got out of the hot tub and told him to take off my dress. He did, and followed me bare assed naked out the front door apologizing.

I just could not see me going out with a guy that looks better in my clothes than I do!

Three Flights Of Stairs

I meet this woman and we go out for a few drinks and a local concert. All is well and good so we go to a bar afterwards, and me not being much of a drinker and the driver held off while she pounded them down like a champ. This is where it starts getting bad… She manages to get herself so drunk that she passes out in my truck. I take her home, carry her up three flights of stairs, put her in bed and put the garbage can next to her bed in case she has to throw up during the night. Believing that leaving her alone would be a bad idea I laid down on the floor and went to sleep. The next morning I was woken up by a kick in the side, accusations of taking advantage of her, and a visit to the police station. Thankfully her neighbors saw me carrying her up the stairs the previous night and told the cops I was doing nothing more than escorting a drunk back to her apartment.

Let’s Watch A Sunset!

Well, I have a worst pre-dating experience to add to this — one that just happened today. I had been talking with this man who contacted me, he was 3 years younger than me. After a couple of emails back and forth, we progressed to chatting on the phone. He seemed nice enough…and we agreed to touch base later in the week as to where we were going to meet. He was so set on meeting in an area near the Marina Del Rey, he wanted to try out this one restaurant, and insisted we go there. He said that if we couldn’t, then we could meet in Santa Monica, as he wanted to watch the sun set — he hadn’t been able to do much of that. It was always what he wanted to do.

He only suggested possibly meeting in Marina Del Rey after I stopped responding to his texts. To me, when someone is so insistent on meeting in an area, or offers up ideas, and is unwilling to listen to what you might have to suggest, that’s a red flag. It shows that they have no respect for you as a person, nor for your ideas/opinions/feelings.

Anyhow, after thinking about this, I just was not into meeting him any longer…I told him in a text (We were texting back and forth, discussing where to meet, or rather, he was telling me where he wanted to meet) that I didn’t feel comfortable with how things went when discussing where to meet, and that I’d have to decline meeting. I told him it was nice getting to know him. He then sent 5-6 texts basically saying things of a derogatory nature regarding my age, “Your as old as ‘f—‘, I was going to cancel anyway — I was just trying to see if you would budge — your only a couple years away from 40 — you better learn to give a little”.

Some people just can’t take rejection. Notice I misused “your” when I should have used “you’re”. That’s exactly how he phrased those texts. I wasn’t upset about it — his texts made me laugh. He’s only 3 years younger, he’s calling himself old. It’s no mystery why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has no clue how to treat women.

He Danced Like A Flamingo

My worst date was with a guy who seemed rather strange, but at that time (I was under 20). I was willing to give a guy a chance regardless of what my gut instinct was telling me. So we meet at a place with live music and a few people are dancing. I love to dance, so I said, hey, let’s dance. Big mistake. He resembled a flamingo, arms outstretched and lifting each knee to hip level before flinging the lower leg forward, like some automated kicking motion. He just kind of pranced around like this, in a “rhythm” that had nothing to do with the music. So, I’m thinking, ok, he’s not much of a dancer, not a huge moral failing or anything like that–but when we sit down (I was quick to say I needed a drink, so we could get off the dance floor before he hurt someone), he goes on and on about how much he loves to dance and he’s so glad to meet a girl who loves to dance, and how we could go dancing each night. He was completely uninterested in anything I had to say, asked no questions, talked about himself nonstop, and kept trying to get me to commit to joining him for dancing for the next several nights.

I could not get out of there fast enough and was so glad I had–as always–driven myself to this first date. He stalked me for a while at work so I quit the job I had (near where he lived) and made sure not to go to that part of town again. Fortunately, he was not smart enough to find me again. I learned to listen to my gut after that!

The Sniffer

Met a fella through mutual friends. He seemed rather nice and we had a good time chatting at a party. We decided we’d meet again at a really nice park with walking trails. So the day comes, we meet at the park and go for a walk. Every thing is going well but I notice he’s sniffling a lot. I ask if he was getting a cold, he said no and we carried on. *sniffle sniffle*. We come to an area with seats by the river and grab a coffee *sniffle sniffle*, sit beside each other on a bench enjoying the view. Now he’s gone from a sniffle to a full on sniff. I keep my head forward but notice he’s leaning towards me when he sniffs. So I wonder do I smell? Nope, still smell good…huh. So I’m talking about God knows what and he leans over and smells me, I mean a good sniff. Seriously? He’s trying to be sneaky about it, and I have to say something. I turn my head to ask him wtf is going on here. He takes a BIG OLD SNIFF! And says, lol, you are the best smelling thing I’ve ever smelled he says. He is forever known as the sniffer.

Three Women Waving

I’d been chatting online for a little while to this lady and I spoke to her on the phone once too. She sounded ok, but was a bit unsure about all this. She told me she had never done any online dating before, so she was understandably feeling quite nervous.

Anyway we arranged to meet up at this pub and she had asked me to text her once I had arrived. I did as she asked and within a few moments she came to the door as she was already inside the pub.

Whilst we were talking I asked her how she got here and she said she was given a lift by some friends of hers. I asked her “so your friends dropped you off then?” She replied “no, they’re sitting over there!” I turned round and looked to see three women sitting at a table in the far corner of the bar waving at me!

My date told me to just ignore her friends, but it didn’t stop me feeling like a nervous wreck lol. The conversation between us began to dry up after that. My date suddenly then started showing signs of being in pain. She told me she was feeling unwell and needed to visit the facilities. She was in there for what seemed a very long time before she came out again. When she finally did she told me she was really sorry, but she needed to go home as she was feeling so ill. She told me she felt bad as I had traveled all the way out to this pub to meet her only for her to suddenly have to go like this. I said “no worries, it’s one of those things and sorry she was not feeling well”. I went on my way leaving my date at the pub with her friends, so whether she did actually go home at that point remained a mystery.

So a very short and “unusual” date lol!:-)

Drive By 1st Date

I almost had a drive by once. My date insisted that I wait outside the place for her. When I arrived early, I called her to say I was going to be at the bar and she got almost hysterical saying that I must wait outside as she didn’t want to go in alone. I thought it odd but ok. Anyway… So eventually her car drives up. She stops right in front of me, looks me up and down and then decides to park the car. She made it so obvious but I just thought it was terribly funny…

Smacked My Butt

Talked with someone several times online….emails, IMs & phone. We agree to meet at a restaurant *in the middle* a half hour from our homes. He gave me half a hug when he exited his vehicle, which was friendly. At dinner I felt rushed, and although he was friendly and polite with the servers, he complained a lot about the meal (overdone, whatever).

We leave and stand at our vehicles for a few minutes, with conversation being awkward. We didn’t do too much talking over dinner either. I suggested he talk while I finished my meal, but he refused.

After 10 or so minutes of uneasiness I suggested a short drive, so we went through a local park and stopped to walk along one of the paths (this is a busy park, by the way). While we were walking, we smacks my a$$ – not hard, but enough. I quickly turned and told him that wasn’t *proper*. He then made a joke that if he knew he would get into trouble he would have squeezed a little too.

I tried to let these things roll off my back, so we talked in the vehicle 10 minutes or so until he said he had to be up early and was tired (this was 8 pm). He gets up before 5am, so I didn’t think much of it. He asked for a hug which was fine. He told me to call him when I arrived home. We had a couple other messages back & forth that week.

We made plans for a lunch *date* when I was going to be in town on business a few days from then. I didn’t get my work completed so I couldn’t go unprepared. I sent him an IM the night before to tell him I wasn’t going to be in town the next day. No response. Still haven’t received any contact other than him calling and not leaving a message. I don’t plan on contacting him, either. BTW, said he canceled his profile, but *someone had taken it over* and given it an obscene user name and added other rude and crude things to the profile. So I question that he deleted it at all.

I’m glad that I canceled the lunch meeting, as I look back at things. However, I am perplexed by him smacking my behind. Do you all think I should have ended the *date* there? Is that acceptable behavior for a man over 40 years of age? Sheesh…..