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Breast Feeding

Went on a first date with a woman from POF (Plenty of Fish), about two years ago. Drove an hour and a half to meet her. We had talked via email, phone calls, texts for about two weeks before we decided to meet, and actually talked the morning of our first meeting, and confirmed our date, which gave her ample time to set me up for what I was in store for.

So I get to the restaurant, which wasn’t five stars, but wasn’t a dive either. Nice place for a first date, I had made reservations for two. I got there a little early, so was at the bar waiting for her to show up. So she shows up in tow with her two young daughters, a 3 yr old and an 16 month old, so there went the table for two, had to wait an hour to get another table that could accommodate two high chairs. And that isn’t even the best part, half way through dinner, she proceeds to start breast feeding the youngest right there in front of me at the table. Not that that big deal, nor did I really care, the only thing that got me is she wasn’t planning on getting a sitter, she could of told me and I would have picked a more appropriate place to meet. Oh well, live and learn.

Three Women Waving

I’d been chatting online for a little while to this lady and I spoke to her on the phone once too. She sounded ok, but was a bit unsure about all this. She told me she had never done any online dating before, so she was understandably feeling quite nervous.

Anyway we arranged to meet up at this pub and she had asked me to text her once I had arrived. I did as she asked and within a few moments she came to the door as she was already inside the pub.

Whilst we were talking I asked her how she got here and she said she was given a lift by some friends of hers. I asked her “so your friends dropped you off then?” She replied “no, they’re sitting over there!” I turned round and looked to see three women sitting at a table in the far corner of the bar waving at me!

My date told me to just ignore her friends, but it didn’t stop me feeling like a nervous wreck lol. The conversation between us began to dry up after that. My date suddenly then started showing signs of being in pain. She told me she was feeling unwell and needed to visit the facilities. She was in there for what seemed a very long time before she came out again. When she finally did she told me she was really sorry, but she needed to go home as she was feeling so ill. She told me she felt bad as I had traveled all the way out to this pub to meet her only for her to suddenly have to go like this. I said “no worries, it’s one of those things and sorry she was not feeling well”. I went on my way leaving my date at the pub with her friends, so whether she did actually go home at that point remained a mystery.

So a very short and “unusual” date lol!:-)

Leopard Print Bedspread

Went out with my mom’s co-worker (he was a contracted employee who would come out to her work site every so often and always complimented the pic of me on her desk)… He suggested getting together at a local coffee shop, something simple. The man was already there when I arrived, but had been up to the counter and gotten his drink, and as I intro’d myself he said, “Hey are you going to get yourself coffee or what?” …so I bought my own damn house blend, and sat down to hear him talk about how he had just been to see his dad, and how hard it had been since moving out of his parents’ house (he was 28!!) then immediately BEGAN CRYING HEAVILY, and after about 10 minutes of trying to figure out whether I was being punk’d, I suggested that maybe we should take a walk — to the parking lot, so I could leave. He tried, last minute, to convince me to go home with him for “company” so I could see his LEOPARD PRINT bedspread and his REALISTIC SUIT OF ARMOR (oh, my goodness). I had to take a pass on that one. He began crying again, and shouted out loud at me, in the middle of the parking lot “WHYYYYY won’t you go home with MEEEE?” Holy crap. I got in the car, drove home, and called my mother— who laughed her butt off. She told me he kept asking about me for months afterward. Freaky.

He’s a Spanker

My story starts well enough had just put up my first profile post divorce and to my surprise had many replies. One stood out right: age range, common interests, good banter on line, and by phone…he invited me to a lovely restaurant for dinner…with the excitement of a school girl I got ready for my first date…

Arrived at the meet and got a seat at the bar … he called and said he was running late would be there shortly… an hour later he showed up 3 sheets to the wind… (I know should have jumped ship but was still somewhat naive) we got a table and ordered after spending half the date on his cell and going outside to smoke (a fact omitted in his profile) he leaned across the table and while staring deeply into my eyes whispered I want to take you home and spank you.. Taken aback not having dated since my 20’s and never having run across a “spanker” before my arm shot up and I screamed check please… LOL He was not all bad. He quickly said, oh no, my treat!

2 Large Rubber Plants

We emailed and chatted for several weeks. We agreed to a meet, at a local restaurant for dinner. I arrived 20 minutes early, so went to the bar for a drink. As I sat there and waited, I noticed a woman, at the entrance to the bar, there were 2 large rubber plants on either side of the entrance, she was hiding behind one of those peeking out. I realized it was my date, she looked exactly like her picture.

I proceeded to wait a few minutes, then approached her. She informed me, that she wasn’t sure she could trust me. So I explained I would finish my drink, if she choose to join me, great! If not I would leave. I went back and finished my drink over the next 10 minutes, then paid my bill, and left. She was still lurking behind the plant as I strolled out and never said a word! WEIRD!!