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Feeling An Old Man

Agreed to meet a man for coffee. He shows up and says he hasn’t had dinner, can we go somewhere else? So after hesitating a few moments–yeah, he looked 15 years older than his pic — I say OK, there’s a place about 2 blocks down, I’ll meet you there. He wants me to ride in his car, but I refuse. So we get there, order, stuff comes to the table, we’re talking — not exciting, but I am trying to be respectful. So at some point I’m saying how exciting it was to be in Spain, and to get to climb on and touch the Roman Aqueduct, and how amazing it is to touch something so old — and he bursts in, “Well I’m old. I hope you’ll touch me!” I put down the coffee cup, said wow, I really have to go. He says, but I’m not done, and I said, well, I only had time for coffee. Throw some cash on the table and exit, w/o looking back.

That was my first “picture surprise” meet and greet–that’s how I think of the people who show up looking nothing like their picture. I was so taken back (hadn’t read as much on the forums back then!), I didn’t know how to react. Next time it will be, “Oh, you haven’t been honest. Your picture must be at least XX years old. I’m not interested.” No coffee, nothing. I’m not staying!


The Fireman @ Dave & Busters

We met on another website. Talked for a few weeks and went out (it was the least amount of time I had spent talking to someone before meeting them). He picks me up at like 10 or 11pm after work on a Friday. Appearance wise he wasn’t what I was expecting at all. We get in the car, and (he was a fireman) we drove to his fire station. It was near by and he went there to change out of his work uniform. OK. Picture it… I don’t know this guy very well…I am in his car… He drives me kinda outside of town to a big metal building with bad lighting and parks in the shadows on the side. I am thinking “ok, where is my grave already dug at?”… It was awkward and uncomfortable. He gets back into the car (I waited in it) and we drive to Pittsburgh (45min drive) to go to Dave & Busters. The whole drive is in complete silence. We get there, and I am not allowed in. No one under 21 admitted after 10 o’clock and I had just turned 19. I could be admitted with someone over 21, but he didn’t have his ID on him. Another 45 minutes back home in complete silence.

Oh! And at one point he was all driving and staring at me and it was freaky and like “dude! quit staring at me and watch where you’re driving!”


Quasimodo Impression

Mine was a few years ago, I went out with this guy who I’d met on another dating site. He turned up looking almost nothing like his pics, a few similar traits, but I thought I’d bite the bullet and see if he had anything to offer. He picked me up a road or two over from where I lived at the time. I got in the car and we drove into the next town. The journey there was weird because there was no music/radio on in the car (he couldn’t concentrate). There was no talking (I tried but he was concentrating on driving), so I sat there very bored while he did this Quasimodo impression, hunched right up over the top of the wheel – and he wasn’t even that tall to warrant doing that.

In the end we went into a pub, I had one drink (Diet Coke if I remember correctly) and kept my exit in mind. We talked for a bit, although there were long uncomfortable silences and he didn’t really initiate conversation whatsoever….and in the end I faked an excuse about having to get home to do coursework (this was back in the days I was at college).

On the way back to the car he grabbed at my hand – I politely pulled away and suggested he not try it again. Again, no talking on the way back as concentration on the road was paramount! He dropped me off in the same place he’d picked me up. I politely said my goodbyes and I got the hell out of there! Never spoke to him again!

Extra Long Fingernail

I’ve met a couple of odd ducks, but the one that comes to mind is the guy who rolled up in an old GEO with a donut tire and multi-colored doors. He looked like he just rolled out of bed and smelled like a dirty sweat sock. He was twitchy, talking real fast, blinking his eyes uncontrollably. I noticed he had an extraordinarily long fingernail on his little finger and I asked him if he was coked up. He said “no, why?” I pointed to the fingernail. He said he had sinus problems. I said “so, you use that fingernail to pick your nose?” And he said “yes” … end of date.

Somewhere in all of his incessant talking, I recall him saying he was horny and asked if there was a hotel nearby. By the time I figured out what he said, he’d already moved on to another topic.