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Three Flights Of Stairs

I meet this woman and we go out for a few drinks and a local concert. All is well and good so we go to a bar afterwards, and me not being much of a drinker and the driver held off while she pounded them down like a champ. This is where it starts getting bad… She manages to get herself so drunk that she passes out in my truck. I take her home, carry her up three flights of stairs, put her in bed and put the garbage can next to her bed in case she has to throw up during the night. Believing that leaving her alone would be a bad idea I laid down on the floor and went to sleep. The next morning I was woken up by a kick in the side, accusations of taking advantage of her, and a visit to the police station. Thankfully her neighbors saw me carrying her up the stairs the previous night and told the cops I was doing nothing more than escorting a drunk back to her apartment.

Meet My Ex & Mistress

Started talking to this guy via a mutual friend from Facebook. He told me he was divorced. We get to the restaurant, order our dinner and start drinking wine, where he proceeds to tell me that it’s a “War of the Roses” active divorce. He mentions that they separated 2 months prior and she filed. Said he had a mistress and it was made public and proceeded to excuse his infidelity by saying she gained weight after their daughter was born and didn’t make any attempts to loose it years later. Starts telling me about all the drama included with that, and the mistresses husband finding out, restraining orders, etc….then he shows me a PICTURE of his soon to be ex wife AND mistress on his phone!!! LOL! I’m sitting there, just downing my wine, hoping the food will come quick and we can just part our separate ways…LOL

He’s a Spanker

My story starts well enough had just put up my first profile post divorce and to my surprise had many replies. One stood out right: age range, common interests, good banter on line, and by phone…he invited me to a lovely restaurant for dinner…with the excitement of a school girl I got ready for my first date…

Arrived at the meet and got a seat at the bar … he called and said he was running late would be there shortly… an hour later he showed up 3 sheets to the wind… (I know should have jumped ship but was still somewhat naive) we got a table and ordered after spending half the date on his cell and going outside to smoke (a fact omitted in his profile) he leaned across the table and while staring deeply into my eyes whispered I want to take you home and spank you.. Taken aback not having dated since my 20’s and never having run across a “spanker” before my arm shot up and I screamed check please… LOL He was not all bad. He quickly said, oh no, my treat!