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The Movie Talker

The guy was late, not by much, but missed the movie (this guy is the reason why I don’t do movies on first dates anymore), so we went to a different one. No big deal, I’m pretty easy going. I notice that he doesn’t look like his pictures, and he mentions that his pics are about 5 – 7 years old. Not cool, but okay, it’s a first date, and I can suffer through 2 hours. He had invited me out that night, and though I expect to pay, it’s nice when the guy offers. However, he went up and bought his own ticket, and didn’t offer to pay for mine. Then he got snacks for himself and didn’t offer to get me anything. But, hey, I’m a modern woman, I expect to pay for myself, so…not that big of a deal. We go into the theater, and by this time, I’m not terribly impressed with this guy. When we sit down, he practically sits in my lap. He is so far over in his chair, we might as well have been sharing my chair. So, I squoosh over (squoosh is the technical term, yes) as far as I can. You’d think it couldn’t get any worse, but no. He’s a movie talker. Not just talker, but questioner. “Wow, did you see that?” “What just happened?” “What’s going on, did I miss something?” We were watching the same freaking movie. After a few grunted responses, I played deaf. The people behind me were as ticked off as I was, and kept kicking my seat, which ticked me off even more. I wasn’t the one talking, after all. So, after the longest movie in the world was over, we are walking out of the theater, and he asks me if I’d like to go out for an after-movie drink. The date ended with me telling him I had a lot of laundry to do that night.

Moral of the story – if a girl tells you she’d rather do laundry than continue a date, it didn’t go well.

He’s a Spanker

My story starts well enough had just put up my first profile post divorce and to my surprise had many replies. One stood out right: age range, common interests, good banter on line, and by phone…he invited me to a lovely restaurant for dinner…with the excitement of a school girl I got ready for my first date…

Arrived at the meet and got a seat at the bar … he called and said he was running late would be there shortly… an hour later he showed up 3 sheets to the wind… (I know should have jumped ship but was still somewhat naive) we got a table and ordered after spending half the date on his cell and going outside to smoke (a fact omitted in his profile) he leaned across the table and while staring deeply into my eyes whispered I want to take you home and spank you.. Taken aback not having dated since my 20’s and never having run across a “spanker” before my arm shot up and I screamed check please… LOL He was not all bad. He quickly said, oh no, my treat!

Starbucks Dash

It was so bad I cut it short after 10 lousy minutes.

I met this gal at a Starbucks. She was 15 minutes late. Strike one. I was getting up to split when she walked up. “Daniel?” She sticks her hand out to shake mine (normally I get a hug), not one hint of a smile. Her face literally looked like this 😐

We go in and order our drinks. I pay for both, as I’m waiting for my change, she zooms over to the condiment area about 30 feet away, leaving me at the register (call me crazy but I’d have waited, then walked there together). Strike two. If they’d been busy and she wanted to guarantee us a seat, I could understand but there were four people total there haha.

We sit at the outside table area, the entire time we’re talking it’s her, her, her. She asked ONE question about me. The entire time she’s looking all over the place, everywhere except at me. Aaaannnnd that made it strike three.

I stand up and say, “Wanna go ahead and wrap this up?” “Wrap what up,” she said. I reply, “You wanna just call it quits?” She goes “What do you mean call it quits…stop talking?” I said yeah, and she’s sitting there looking dumbfounded like she doesn’t know what’s going on, so I just said “Cya!” And left.