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Smacked My Butt

Talked with someone several times online….emails, IMs & phone. We agree to meet at a restaurant *in the middle* a half hour from our homes. He gave me half a hug when he exited his vehicle, which was friendly. At dinner I felt rushed, and although he was friendly and polite with the servers, he complained a lot about the meal (overdone, whatever).

We leave and stand at our vehicles for a few minutes, with conversation being awkward. We didn’t do too much talking over dinner either. I suggested he talk while I finished my meal, but he refused.

After 10 or so minutes of uneasiness I suggested a short drive, so we went through a local park and stopped to walk along one of the paths (this is a busy park, by the way). While we were walking, we smacks my a$$ – not hard, but enough. I quickly turned and told him that wasn’t *proper*. He then made a joke that if he knew he would get into trouble he would have squeezed a little too.

I tried to let these things roll off my back, so we talked in the vehicle 10 minutes or so until he said he had to be up early and was tired (this was 8 pm). He gets up before 5am, so I didn’t think much of it. He asked for a hug which was fine. He told me to call him when I arrived home. We had a couple other messages back & forth that week.

We made plans for a lunch *date* when I was going to be in town on business a few days from then. I didn’t get my work completed so I couldn’t go unprepared. I sent him an IM the night before to tell him I wasn’t going to be in town the next day. No response. Still haven’t received any contact other than him calling and not leaving a message. I don’t plan on contacting him, either. BTW, said he canceled his profile, but *someone had taken it over* and given it an obscene user name and added other rude and crude things to the profile. So I question that he deleted it at all.

I’m glad that I canceled the lunch meeting, as I look back at things. However, I am perplexed by him smacking my behind. Do you all think I should have ended the *date* there? Is that acceptable behavior for a man over 40 years of age? Sheesh…..


Worst date I went on from pof (Plenty Of Fish) was with a guy who looked nothing like his profile (as in, he used a really hot guy’s pics and he was, let’s just say less than hot). We met at Starbucks for coffee. When I showed up he had the audacity to then tell me that he was very “impressed” with how I look and that he was actually expecting some “fat pig” to show up because in my profile I say I am a few extra pounds and that I actually look better in real life. In my mind all I could think was “ummm wish I could say the same about you buddy.” Not that I am shallow, I just think people should be honest and realistic about how they look in their profile. Anyways I just politely drank my latte and engaged in courteous conversation (mostly listening to him complain about his mother) for about 15 minutes.

Then I tried to cut the date short and said I have to go now. He kept suggesting we go to the beach for a walk or maybe window shopping in the mall and can “buy me something.” I said no thanks. Seriously, this guy would NOT take no for an answer. So I got up while he was still talking and walked to my car and he followed me, then grabbed my arm and tried to pull me into his van (yes, it was a van, with tinted windows and everything, how cliche I know). This resulted in quite the physical struggle in the parking lot, him yelling that I was a “wicked b*tch” (wtf?) and a bunch of other profanities. A little old lady literally had to intervene and beat him off me with her purse and this gathered a larger crowd of people who gawked and took videos with their cell phones. Then he drove away like a maniac, squishing a garden on the sidewalk in the path of his wrath.

The experience made me not want to date ever again, but luckily no one else has ever been that close to psycho-van-driving-mother-hating-guy. I take pepper spray with me now… just in case.

Nose to Nose

I agreed to meet this man after several emails and phone calls. I thought I was in for a fun-filled evening due to our numerous conversations and the common interests and laughter we shared.

Boy was I in for a surprise!! He did not look anything like his pics, I was thinking to myself when he got out of the car “Who is this guy??? He’s too old to be only 45, and where are those 6 pack abs he bragged about and what’s going on with this Elvis-do he’s got going on”. He did drive up in his red mustang though, that’s the only thing he didn’t lie about. I suffered through dinner (kept thinking he’d grow more handsome with each beer I drank) Nope, didn’t happen!!! We were finishing up our meal and he looks at me and says “You know, you would look prettier if you had longer hair and you are a little too chubby for my taste.” I was dumbfounded and speechless for a fleeting second but recovered quickly. I jumped up knocking over my beer, darn shame, threw my napkin down and got right in his face, nose to nose, and told him he was no prize himself.

I threw my portion of the bill down and stormed out of there, he’s hot on my heels professing how much he really likes me and how much we had a connection!!! Hello??? The whole restaurant grew quiet as he’s chasing me out into the parking lot. He then stood in the way of my car door and I had to physically move his overweight butt outta my way. On the way home he’s calling my cell and leaving me numerous voicemails, saying he thinks he’s in love. He bothered me online and on the phone for a few weeks, I had to change my number and get a different user name. I had myself a bona fide stalker.

Needless to say I closed my profile from that site. I know you think I’m making this up, but if by chance you were having dinner that night back in September of 2004 at the Avon “Texas Roadhouse” in Indiana then you might have seen the show.