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First Date Fight Club

I met this guy from another site. We went to dinner. So far so good. Then he asks if I wanted to get drinks. I said sure, why not. So we go to some fight club situation. I don’t even remember where it was. He tells me to take a seat and wait here. Next thing I know he’s in the ring. He then proceeded to get his ass kicked and he got knocked out. I got up and left. So not a very good idea to schedule a boxing match and lose for a first date guys.

Got Us Both Arrested

Well, I met the most amazing man off one of those dating sites. Well what I thought was the most amazing man anyways, we went to the movies, dinner then he took me to the lake to watch the stars. Doesn’t it sound soooo romantic?? Lol, try again he paid for the movie then wanted to take me to this little Italian place that was very nice and expensive and expected me to pay!!! Said the woman should pitch in! I was so horrified I didn’t even have my wallet! They called the cops and told them we refused to pay! He put up a fight with the cops and got us both arrested! That was the worst date ever. I never called or go on anymore dating sites again!!!

He’s Wearing My Dress?

A few years ago I met a man online that seemed like quite the catch. Beautiful voice, we had a nice dinner and made plans for the following weekend.

After dinner, we went back to his place…Very flirty, very attractive man, with that wonderful Virginia silk voice.

He makes us a drink and some snacks and I took off my dress and got into the hot tub with panties on, figuring he would join me..

Well, a few minutes later, he comes sashaying out and parades around the hot tub…WEARING MY DRESS! I’m 5’4, he was 6’4, so needless to say, there were things showing (for some reason, he was naked under MY DRESS), that I wasn’t comfortable seeing, sticking out of the bottom of my dress.

I got out of the hot tub and told him to take off my dress. He did, and followed me bare assed naked out the front door apologizing.

I just could not see me going out with a guy that looks better in my clothes than I do!

Three Flights Of Stairs

I meet this woman and we go out for a few drinks and a local concert. All is well and good so we go to a bar afterwards, and me not being much of a drinker and the driver held off while she pounded them down like a champ. This is where it starts getting bad… She manages to get herself so drunk that she passes out in my truck. I take her home, carry her up three flights of stairs, put her in bed and put the garbage can next to her bed in case she has to throw up during the night. Believing that leaving her alone would be a bad idea I laid down on the floor and went to sleep. The next morning I was woken up by a kick in the side, accusations of taking advantage of her, and a visit to the police station. Thankfully her neighbors saw me carrying her up the stairs the previous night and told the cops I was doing nothing more than escorting a drunk back to her apartment.

Pedal to the Metal

Picked up a woman for a date once. She got into my car and proceeded to start talking non-stop about her ex, her kids, her job, he dog etc. I took about 2 miles of this, turned around, drove up to her house and told her I changed my mind. She got really angry, spit on my car, tried to throw something at my car and screamed at me as I drove away. My patience level has tailed off to about zero these days.

Community Theater

Well, it wasn’t so much a “date” as a casual meet over lunch to continue a conversation we had started.

I was putting in some volunteer time at the local community theater helping repair a piece of scenery that had fallen over during the previous night’s production. An attractive woman who was also there doing the same thing began chatting with me about productions she had been involved with, and asking me about my own experiences with the theater, and various other interests, and she invited me to a local restaurant to continue with the conversation when we were done with the repair work.

I said that sounded very nice, but I was broke until my next paycheck, and had absolutely no cash on me. She said that would not be a problem, that this time would be her treat, and that I could pay “some other time”.

We went in her car to the restaurant (I had walked to the theater as I live only a couple blocks from it) and placed our orders and chatted until the waiter arrived with the food, at which time she jumped up and said “Oh, shit! I left my purse in the car…I’ll be right back.” I offered to get it for her, and she just said “no, sit…I’ll be back in a sec.” She then grabbed her jacket and ran out.

The waiter, still standing next to the table, and I, still sitting, watched in a kind of dumbfounded silence through the window as she ran out to her car, got in, and drove away. I looked at him, he looked at me, and we both said something like “Ummm….” at the same time. He looked a little panicked…I probably did too. I did have the presence of mind to suggest we go talk with the manager, because I knew if a customer ran without paying, the waiter was stuck with the bill, and the poor guy had done nothing wrong, so I didn’t want him stuck with it. I didn’t want to be stuck with it either, as far as that goes, but I hoped the manager would be willing to let us both off the hook, so to speak.

The manager turned out to be a decent sort, at that. I explained the situation, stressed that it was neither my fault nor the waiter’s, and she thought about it for a moment and then said something along the lines of “Aw, don’t worry about it…just go.”

I went… I walked three miles back home, fuming all the way, and remembered she had said she was going to be back at the theater that evening for the production, and that crew call was an hour before the show was due to start.

So, I went back to the theater an hour before showtime, noticed her car in the parking lot, and went backstage, and there she was. I went up to her and demanded to know what had happened at the restaurant.

She looked at me and her jaw dropped…she’d obviously forgotten she’d told me she was going to be back at the theater, or she hadn’t thought I would show up. She did say “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

One of the guys on the theater crew came up to her and said “What’s going on, sweetie? Who’s this guy?” She said, “I have no idea”. I asked him, “Are you her boyfriend?” He said, Yeah, what’s the problem?” I said, “No problem”….and I left, shooting her a look that made her shrivel a little on my way out the door.

I’m still fuming….no, not fuming…idly entertaining ideas about becoming a hermit….which, in all fairness, won’t happen either…but…sheesh.


Mr. Piano Man

My FIRST date was the strangest. I met a guy at a local restaurant for my first date that resulted from just a few days on POF. We planned on eating and had a drink while we waited for a table. He would ask me questions to get to know me and before I would finish my sentences, he would stop me so he could answer his own questions about himself. I mean, that’s ok but he actually **stopped me from talking instead of just interrupting. That was the first sign but I was trying to be objective. Before our table was ready, he asked if I would be interested in going to a nicer restaurant (since he met me and liked me). With me being very hungry and loving nice restaurants, I agreed.

We went in his car and he tried to impress me with music he had in his CD player. I asked him who it was but ** he didn’t know.

We went downtown to a very nice restaurant. He told me **he has rules. One was that I can never open the door for myself, that he will. (Ok, dude, do you have to say it?? Just freakin’ do it and don’t make an issue out of it). We start to walk to the restaurant and he tries to hold my hand. I’m like, dude, I just met you. His response, ** Well, I like you and I want to hold your hand. (oh, okay, who cares if I don’t want to hold yours, and btw, don’t forget to open the door for me).

We have a reserved table because “everybody knows me”. A u-shaped booth style, I sit down and he sits right next to me and puts his hand on my leg. **”Well, I know what I like and I like you”. Ok, dude, back the eff up is what I was thinking but I was polite and insisted that he lay off.

They gave me a menu and **he told the server that I didn’t need a menu and that he was ordering for me. Can you imagine the look on my face for a few seconds?? But I decided to go with it and said, “okay, I’m game”. He ordered a pork rib for me and I don’t eat pork. ** “Trust me, you are going to love it.” I don’t care how much $$ you put on the menu for pork, it still tastes like pork.

Here comes the dessert menu…there it goes. He orders that, too, along with a dessert wine. It comes and **he tells me how to eat the dessert. I’ve been eating dessert a long time and really didn’t require lessons, believe me. I really enjoyed the wine and asked him what the name of it was, **he said he would not tell me because he only wanted me to have it when I was with him.

After dinner we go to a small bar down the road and he uses the valet. **He tells me that if you tip a valet a lot of money, then they will have your car up front for you to leave quickly. No shyt, Sherlock. Just do it and don’t tell me about it.

He says, what would you like to drink…I say, since I have had a lot of wine, I should slow down with a beer. **He says “no”. No, really, dude, I’m on medication for epilepsy and I can’t be getting hammered. **He says “you’ll be fine”. He insists that I drink some crap sweet drink. He asked if I liked it. Uh, no, I hate it but I will slowly sip to make the pain of being on this date with you go away.

He grabs my hand (after **he takes my drink away, which I was starting to get used to and needed) and he leads me to the banquet rooms in the hotel of which this bar is. I was thinking, what the hell now?

He sits down to a piano and starts playing Piano Man. Ok, that’s cool. He was good. He asked me what I would like to hear and when I told him,** he said he had something better. Holy crap. Finally after 6 songs that I didn’t request, I tell him that I have to go soon because my oldest daughter is watching my younger ones and she was waiting on me to get home so she could go out with her friends. I felt bad for lying but I could tell he would have kept me out all night.

We leave because he wants to show me another place. It was a cool, chic bar with an awesome DJ but not a nightclub feel. More like a lounge. We walk in and **he says, I want people to know that I am with you. I was actually enjoying a beer finally and he wants to leave so he can show me another place. I’m like, noooo, this place is great. **He says, you are going to love the other place. I don’t finish my beer and he whisks me away.

Next stop, smoky bar, dark, laser lights (I’m epileptic, remember) and I felt like I was definitely overdressed, meaning I had clothes on that covered my body. Because “people know me here, too” he bought several people a shot. I refrained. And people did not know him. I finally insist on leaving because of the smoke but really because of him. He continuously tries to kiss me. Persistently. And I am a nice person that can handle herself but I was on the verge of saying “step back dude, how many times do I have to say it”.

He takes me to my car only after I promise to go out with him again. Okay, okay, I’ll go out with you again if you just let me get away from you. Now I know why people admit guilt during interrogation to a crime they didn’t commit. When I see my car, I am so happy. Whew! Opens my car door for me, of course, because I was following the rules and finally asked me for a kiss. I thought, okay, you really never know if you have chemistry until you kiss someone…… We do NOT have chemistry.

He texts me and says “text me when you get home”. I texted someone else. He texts me everyday for several days the same question “so, are we going out on another date?” You just came on too strong. I just started dating and I am not ready for that. He says, OK. and I never hear from him again. Thank goodness.