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Starbucks Surveillance

Actually I do have a story similar to this. It happened the first and only time I agreed to meet someone I “met” on POF (Plenty of Fish) online without seeing a picture of them first. We had emailed back and forth and talked on the phone prior to meeting and decided to meet at Starbucks over a coffee.

We arranged a time to meet and discussed what each of us would be wearing so we could recognize each other. I went there did not see anyone who matched her description but did see a woman who looked her age and body type height waiting in a corner. I hung around for about 20 min while I had a coffee and did not see her so I left figuring I had been stood up.

I phoned her after the meet and she said she had chickened out on the meet. I did not bother to communicate with her further. Some months later I noticed her profile on POF again this time with pictures. I turned out that she was the lady in the corner of Starbucks in disguise. To me that is just weird behavior for a woman in her 50’s. I kind of felt like I was under surveillance.

What A Freak!

I had a FREAK arrange to meet me in a cafe. I came there and no one approached me. I man walked right by me brushing my shoulder. It was him. He gets off on getting the woman to show up while watching from afar. FREAK.

Another man also asked to meet in a local pub. There were only men in the pub when I arrived and I waited by the door wearing what we agreed so he could locate me. He said he would wear a red shirt. No one in the pub had red on. So after 20 minutes I left. He then wrote me a scathing email that he was there the whole time and had been watching me. He said he didn’t have any clean red shirts to wear and wondered why I didn’t go up and ask every single man there, if it was him. Mental illness is alive and well dating online. Now I demand a cell phone number before we met and test it by calling the date and checking if they answer. No more FREAKS.

2 Large Rubber Plants

We emailed and chatted for several weeks. We agreed to a meet, at a local restaurant for dinner. I arrived 20 minutes early, so went to the bar for a drink. As I sat there and waited, I noticed a woman, at the entrance to the bar, there were 2 large rubber plants on either side of the entrance, she was hiding behind one of those peeking out. I realized it was my date, she looked exactly like her picture.

I proceeded to wait a few minutes, then approached her. She informed me, that she wasn’t sure she could trust me. So I explained I would finish my drink, if she choose to join me, great! If not I would leave. I went back and finished my drink over the next 10 minutes, then paid my bill, and left. She was still lurking behind the plant as I strolled out and never said a word! WEIRD!!