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Too Much Saliva

One guy I went out with (twice, shame on me) had so much slobber that when he pulled away from me (I may have been pushing, lol) there was a string of thick saliva strung between our faces like a Christmas tree garland. Trying to be gracious, I just pulled back enough to break it and pretended like it didn’t happen. The next kiss was the same, but he didn’t seem to know it was a problem. How can you not know that? That’s the part I don’t get, is how can some people be such awful kissers and not know it. Now, I am not too fussy about such things; I even let me dog kiss me. Sometimes when we’ve been playing and he’s excited, he accidentally bites my lip a little bit, but I’d still keep the dog kisses and say goodbye to Saliva Man. Eeeeewwwwwwwww!


Very Wet Kiss

The guy begins licking me like a St. Bernard, my ears my neck, asks if I like it, and I say no. His hands are like an octopus and I begin to feel violated. Kisses me with lips inside out, not with the normal suction but with turning the inside of his lips to grab mine so they are curved outward so I feel all this slobber, not to mention the breath was horrible so the spit froze on my face after it dried and it was smelly! Then he sticks his tongue in my ear canal! Then he opens his mouth and sticks his whole tongue inside and all I can smell is that funky spit and it was so wet I had to wipe under my lips. Gracefully I moved away and took a detour to the restroom where I washed my face, neck and ears with soap and the inside of my mouth with soap, scrubbing my tongue.

3 Red Flags & The Pecker

So I’m new here.. Been lurking for a little while. Little background on me…

I’m recently out of an 11-month relationship. Why? If it’s any indicator, in the last 6 months we had sex once. We weren’t right for each other, and moved way too quickly in the beginning (moved in after about 6 weeks…). I never really had the chance to tell if he was the right person for me. There were some other issues, I got sick, and he pretty much blamed me. He didn’t really care about what I was going through, he just worried about how it was going to affect him. Anyway, that’s a long, boring story, and not worth it. I’m over it. Enough said.

So being newly on the market, one of my coworkers sets me up with a guy. We talk a little bit, and while the conversations are pretty decent, there are some red flags. We have fundamentally different beliefs politically, and as far as gender-roles go… He likes his women barefoot and in the kitchen, wants them to cook and do his laundry. I’m the bread-winner type.. I have a fantastic job, and do very well on my own. I’m smart, successful, driven, and independent.

First red flag… Before we had even gone out on our first date, he asked me to move in with him. More than once. What?!? No way dude.

Second red flag.. He later flips out over me wanting to drive myself to our first date. What, I don’t trust him enough to pick me up? I told him to stop pushing me and he let it go, but man was he mad about that.

Third red flag.. On the day we are supposed to go on our date, we were talking about furniture. When we discuss mattresses, he makes the comment that we’ll probably ‘be spending the night at each other’s place soon and regularly.

Ummm… That freaked me out, and I told him that was a bit presumptuous, and much too forward. His defense was, we are both adults, and we’re talking, which leads to dating, which leads to a relationship.. And that is was just a thought. Whatever. I told him I know how the process works, but that level of assumption is uncalled for.

I should have cancelled the date at that point, because he’s starting to freak me out. But I’m an idiot, and I try to be a nice person. I wanted to give him a shot.

We go out and the conversation was.. okay. There was nooooo chemistry on my part. He’s pushing my limits with the conversation, and I’m pretty much ready to go. He walks me to my car, and we hug. Then he goes in for the kiss.

And that was wayyyy too much wayyyy too fast. First he pecks, a lot, like a dozen times. I’m definitely not feeling it. I start pulling away and try getting into my car, and he pulls me into him and grabs my ass and pushes his tongue into my mouth. Oh, it was awful. Just awful.

I finally tear myself away and speed off. Now he’s calling, and he wants to go out tonight (dinner and a movie). I absolutely do NOT want to go out with this guy again. I wish I hadn’t gone out the first time at all!!

I KNOW all men aren’t like this.. But WTF kind of girl does he think I am??? I am thoroughly repulsed and pretty freaked out. Thankfully he does not know where I live.


No Kiss At Climax?

I once went hiking on a blind date. I repeat, hiking. We spent close to three hours hoofing it up the side of a mountain (half of which he spent making fun of my inability to keep up with him, the expert hiker). Once we reached the top he went in for the kiss which by that point I had no interest in. After dodging it and being polite about declining he proceeded to tell me how insecure I was and how I was afraid of commitment. What a keeper. Needless to say, after a silent car ride home I gladly never saw or contacted him again. The e-mail the next day from him with a grim, “I don’t think we really hit it off” was definitely a fun read, too.

2nd Date Surprise

I felt no chemistry with my current boyfriend on our first date. In fact, while he was talking I remember thinking that it wasn’t going to work out. However, he was pleasant, we did have things to talk about, and there were no obvious deal-breakers. I accepted a second date thinking “well at least he might be a friend.” Well, chemistry did develop during the second date. At the point where he kissed me I realized there was a lot more potential. That’s never happened to me before so it was surprising.

I wouldn’t have continue to date him had no chemistry developed at all or there were definite deal breakers present (twice my weight, etc.). I think sometimes chemistry doesn’t develop right away. But if after say, 3 or 4 dates it’s not there at all it probably won’t develop. However, there are others on this board where a slow simmer turned into a full boil later on.