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Got Us Both Arrested

Well, I met the most amazing man off one of those dating sites. Well what I thought was the most amazing man anyways, we went to the movies, dinner then he took me to the lake to watch the stars. Doesn’t it sound soooo romantic?? Lol, try again he paid for the movie then wanted to take me to this little Italian place that was very nice and expensive and expected me to pay!!! Said the woman should pitch in! I was so horrified I didn’t even have my wallet! They called the cops and told them we refused to pay! He put up a fight with the cops and got us both arrested! That was the worst date ever. I never called or go on anymore dating sites again!!!

Baby Throws Up On Me

Here’s a nightmare of a date…

Was talking to a girl from POF (Plenty Of Fish) for a little while, went on one date and it went good so we decided to go on another. I opted to pick her up this time. I get to her house and she comes out with a little baby, hops in the front seat with the kid and says lets go! I’m like, you need to put that kid in a car seat right? (which she never mentioned she had a child and I don’t have any so obviously I have no car seat).

She says, oh, “I wasn’t sure how you would feel about a car seat in your car.” I’m just thinking, well, at least you have some consideration… She hands me her kid, runs into the house, the baby THROWS UP on me! She comes back saying the car seat was with the baby’s dad. I had no idea what to say at this point. Told her I need to change and I’ll come back and never looked back…

Good times…

Three Women Waving

I’d been chatting online for a little while to this lady and I spoke to her on the phone once too. She sounded ok, but was a bit unsure about all this. She told me she had never done any online dating before, so she was understandably feeling quite nervous.

Anyway we arranged to meet up at this pub and she had asked me to text her once I had arrived. I did as she asked and within a few moments she came to the door as she was already inside the pub.

Whilst we were talking I asked her how she got here and she said she was given a lift by some friends of hers. I asked her “so your friends dropped you off then?” She replied “no, they’re sitting over there!” I turned round and looked to see three women sitting at a table in the far corner of the bar waving at me!

My date told me to just ignore her friends, but it didn’t stop me feeling like a nervous wreck lol. The conversation between us began to dry up after that. My date suddenly then started showing signs of being in pain. She told me she was feeling unwell and needed to visit the facilities. She was in there for what seemed a very long time before she came out again. When she finally did she told me she was really sorry, but she needed to go home as she was feeling so ill. She told me she felt bad as I had traveled all the way out to this pub to meet her only for her to suddenly have to go like this. I said “no worries, it’s one of those things and sorry she was not feeling well”. I went on my way leaving my date at the pub with her friends, so whether she did actually go home at that point remained a mystery.

So a very short and “unusual” date lol!:-)

Pinching A Loaf

I was on my way to a meet with a guy from a (dating) site, a few years ago. He claimed he looked exactly like Charlie Sheen. He didn’t. But I went to meet him even though he was a bit delusional as far as his looks were concerned.  As I was driving, we were talking on the phone, as I was unsure of the exact location of the bar and I don’t normally drive into the city. I could hear him repeatedly straining as he was talking. I asked, “Is everything OK?” He said he was a fine, but did I mind if he made a bowel movement?  I turned my car around and went home. I never spoke to him again.

BTW, I Hate Women

This was the worst/scariest first date I ever went on with anyone. I met this guy through a dating sight. He seemed real nice and we seemed to have a lot in common. Finally we agreed to meet and have a date. I met him near his school and had to take the train home with him to his house since there is no parking at the college he was attending. So we did that. We got in his car and went to dinner, nice restaurant I had never been to it before it seemed like it was going to be a nice night. Well half way into the appetizer he says give me a kiss, and act like you mean it. I said what? I don’t know you well enough yet. He grabs my hand and says I hate f@#*ingc@#*sucking bitches!!! I said “WHAT?” He goes you heard me bitch, I hate women like you. I NEVER not once throughout our short period of time together ever gave him the wrong idea. I was so happy to see one of my brother’s friends (who was also sadly there on a date) I went to him and said the guy I’m here with is a psycho. Please help me. I sat with him and his date for dinner while the other guy kept glaring at me the whole time. When we left he was in his car waiting for us. He tried to follow us home but my brother’s friend lost him. Maybe he was a serial killer or something. I’m sure it would not have ended up good.

Movie Mayhem

I had a guy I met from online after quite a long time talking to him over weeks and weeks. I agreed to meet him for a bite to eat. Things went well. Then he said would you go to a movie, I would like to spend more time with you. So, I went. He asked what I wanted to see, every time I picked one he didn’t like it. Then he picked the only movie no one has ever heard of. We went to the bar area to wait, within ten minutes he stood up, pulled out my ticket laid it on the counter and said I will be right back, 30 minutes then 45 went by and he did not come back. I walked outside and he was in his car on his cell phone!! He had been watching for me, jumped out of his car and started running over. Immediately I began to cry, turned around and ran inside, trying to get someone to come get me. It was humiliating!! Of course, he apologized tons but it was rude and too late!!


Her Silent Discomfort

…or not?

Recently I met up with a girl from POF (Plenty Of Fish). We had decent email communications and one phone conversation before getting together one afternoon for lunch.

At lunch, again, conversation felt as if it flowed naturally. I was doing most of the talking, but she held her end of a talking point pretty effortlessly. Fast forward to the end of our meet and as we were saying our goodbyes there was a small moment of silence, at which point she verbally expressed her discomfort of it. I simply smiled.

She asked me what that smile meant and I remember thinking to myself that it doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes a smile is just a smile. Anyway, we had a short phone conversation last night, and again another silence comes up, and again she verbally calls out her “discomfort” of it. Makes me curious…

Does anyone here, when interacting socially with a new person, find an awkward discomfort in a conversational break? Personally speaking, I find that in such situations I sometimes sit back and see where it takes us. I also like to see if the girl I’m with can pick up the ball and get back in the game.

Anyway, I think most people think there is a type of negativity involved in those little moments of tranquility…as if it screams “OH NO, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY, I MUST BE UNINTERESTING!”

I’d like to hear other’s thoughts on this.

-Ele Efe

The Fireman @ Dave & Busters

We met on another website. Talked for a few weeks and went out (it was the least amount of time I had spent talking to someone before meeting them). He picks me up at like 10 or 11pm after work on a Friday. Appearance wise he wasn’t what I was expecting at all. We get in the car, and (he was a fireman) we drove to his fire station. It was near by and he went there to change out of his work uniform. OK. Picture it… I don’t know this guy very well…I am in his car… He drives me kinda outside of town to a big metal building with bad lighting and parks in the shadows on the side. I am thinking “ok, where is my grave already dug at?”… It was awkward and uncomfortable. He gets back into the car (I waited in it) and we drive to Pittsburgh (45min drive) to go to Dave & Busters. The whole drive is in complete silence. We get there, and I am not allowed in. No one under 21 admitted after 10 o’clock and I had just turned 19. I could be admitted with someone over 21, but he didn’t have his ID on him. Another 45 minutes back home in complete silence.

Oh! And at one point he was all driving and staring at me and it was freaky and like “dude! quit staring at me and watch where you’re driving!”