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The Sniffer

Met a fella through mutual friends. He seemed rather nice and we had a good time chatting at a party. We decided we’d meet again at a really nice park with walking trails. So the day comes, we meet at the park and go for a walk. Every thing is going well but I notice he’s sniffling a lot. I ask if he was getting a cold, he said no and we carried on. *sniffle sniffle*. We come to an area with seats by the river and grab a coffee *sniffle sniffle*, sit beside each other on a bench enjoying the view. Now he’s gone from a sniffle to a full on sniff. I keep my head forward but notice he’s leaning towards me when he sniffs. So I wonder do I smell? Nope, still smell good…huh. So I’m talking about God knows what and he leans over and smells me, I mean a good sniff. Seriously? He’s trying to be sneaky about it, and I have to say something. I turn my head to ask him wtf is going on here. He takes a BIG OLD SNIFF! And says, lol, you are the best smelling thing I’ve ever smelled he says. He is forever known as the sniffer.

Smacked My Butt

Talked with someone several times online….emails, IMs & phone. We agree to meet at a restaurant *in the middle* a half hour from our homes. He gave me half a hug when he exited his vehicle, which was friendly. At dinner I felt rushed, and although he was friendly and polite with the servers, he complained a lot about the meal (overdone, whatever).

We leave and stand at our vehicles for a few minutes, with conversation being awkward. We didn’t do too much talking over dinner either. I suggested he talk while I finished my meal, but he refused.

After 10 or so minutes of uneasiness I suggested a short drive, so we went through a local park and stopped to walk along one of the paths (this is a busy park, by the way). While we were walking, we smacks my a$$ – not hard, but enough. I quickly turned and told him that wasn’t *proper*. He then made a joke that if he knew he would get into trouble he would have squeezed a little too.

I tried to let these things roll off my back, so we talked in the vehicle 10 minutes or so until he said he had to be up early and was tired (this was 8 pm). He gets up before 5am, so I didn’t think much of it. He asked for a hug which was fine. He told me to call him when I arrived home. We had a couple other messages back & forth that week.

We made plans for a lunch *date* when I was going to be in town on business a few days from then. I didn’t get my work completed so I couldn’t go unprepared. I sent him an IM the night before to tell him I wasn’t going to be in town the next day. No response. Still haven’t received any contact other than him calling and not leaving a message. I don’t plan on contacting him, either. BTW, said he canceled his profile, but *someone had taken it over* and given it an obscene user name and added other rude and crude things to the profile. So I question that he deleted it at all.

I’m glad that I canceled the lunch meeting, as I look back at things. However, I am perplexed by him smacking my behind. Do you all think I should have ended the *date* there? Is that acceptable behavior for a man over 40 years of age? Sheesh…..

Ego Brat

When my blind date rang the doorbell, I took a step back and stared. He was drop dead gorgeous, looking like a young Paul Newman. First clue: why would a guy that good looking bother with a blind date? We went roller skating, not too bad of a date. Then back to his Frat house. He’d spent the evening talking about himself and how cool he was. Yawn. Then he informed me that it was time for me to put out. Yep, do the nasty with this ego brat. I turned him down and discovered that if I didn’t want a long walk home in the dead of winter, I’d put out or get out.

I got out. Walked home through the Park. Dangerous, but not as dangerous as I was. I was so outraged that I’d have assaulted any mugger who even looked crosswise at me. And if you’re really pissed, the cold doesn’t bother you a bit.