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I Talk, You Text

Worst least in recent memory was one I met from here. Met at a pub that was her idea but worked for me because they have a lot of things to do there besides drinking.

1. Said hardly anything no matter how I tried to start conversations

2. Proceeded to get in an argument with the waiter because she ordered something they didn’t make anymore. Regardless she was insistent they make it because clearly they must still have the ingredients for it.

3. Got in an argument with a couple next to us because she mistakenly thought the lady knocked her purse on the floor. Instead of apologizing when she realized it wasn’t her purse her response was, “Oh, well I was gonna say. If it was my purse you and I were going to have a problem.”

4. Proceeded to text to whomever throughout the date on her phone.

5. Finally opened up and started conversing towards the end to fill me in on the history of her entire relationship with her ex

…and so on.

I almost fell out of my chair when we went to leave because she wanted to set up a second date. I was going to politely decline but I was so taken aback that she somehow enjoyed herself on this fiasco that I was taken by surprise and apparently my facial expression and that I accidentally let, “Really???”, slip that the message apparently got through.


“I’ll let you make me dinner”

I had a first date that was with a local guy. He suggested a bar in town and come to find out it was his favorite hangout. He had friends there who knew he was on a first date with me and I felt like they were there sizing me up. One even came up to me and said “if it doesn’t with him, I’d like to take you out”. The entire conversation revolved around him. He went on and on about his ex wife and what a horrible person she was….oh please! I went outside for a cigarette and he came to join me (I was actually considering using that cigarette as a sneak away from the date). While we were outside, he started making plans for our second date. His idea was that I would come over to his place and, I quote “I’ll let you make me dinner”. It was at that point that I finally told him there would be no second date, this date was over and if he was looking for someone to cook for him, maybe he should put a want ad on craigslist for a personal chef. End of date!