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Starbucks Dash

It was so bad I cut it short after 10 lousy minutes.

I met this gal at a Starbucks. She was 15 minutes late. Strike one. I was getting up to split when she walked up. “Daniel?” She sticks her hand out to shake mine (normally I get a hug), not one hint of a smile. Her face literally looked like this 😐

We go in and order our drinks. I pay for both, as I’m waiting for my change, she zooms over to the condiment area about 30 feet away, leaving me at the register (call me crazy but I’d have waited, then walked there together). Strike two. If they’d been busy and she wanted to guarantee us a seat, I could understand but there were four people total there haha.

We sit at the outside table area, the entire time we’re talking it’s her, her, her. She asked ONE question about me. The entire time she’s looking all over the place, everywhere except at me. Aaaannnnd that made it strike three.

I stand up and say, “Wanna go ahead and wrap this up?” “Wrap what up,” she said. I reply, “You wanna just call it quits?” She goes “What do you mean call it quits…stop talking?” I said yeah, and she’s sitting there looking dumbfounded like she doesn’t know what’s going on, so I just said “Cya!” And left.


Her Silent Discomfort

…or not?

Recently I met up with a girl from POF (Plenty Of Fish). We had decent email communications and one phone conversation before getting together one afternoon for lunch.

At lunch, again, conversation felt as if it flowed naturally. I was doing most of the talking, but she held her end of a talking point pretty effortlessly. Fast forward to the end of our meet and as we were saying our goodbyes there was a small moment of silence, at which point she verbally expressed her discomfort of it. I simply smiled.

She asked me what that smile meant and I remember thinking to myself that it doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes a smile is just a smile. Anyway, we had a short phone conversation last night, and again another silence comes up, and again she verbally calls out her “discomfort” of it. Makes me curious…

Does anyone here, when interacting socially with a new person, find an awkward discomfort in a conversational break? Personally speaking, I find that in such situations I sometimes sit back and see where it takes us. I also like to see if the girl I’m with can pick up the ball and get back in the game.

Anyway, I think most people think there is a type of negativity involved in those little moments of tranquility…as if it screams “OH NO, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY, I MUST BE UNINTERESTING!”

I’d like to hear other’s thoughts on this.

-Ele Efe

Same Side of the Booth

Okay, are you ready for this?…three dumb questions (in a row) that was asked by the same stupid s*** within the first 5 minutes of meeting him…this really takes the prize for dumbest questions(s) asked on a 1st date).

First, let me set the scene for you….he is waiting inside the restaurant for me…I was right on time….and as I arrive and try to flash my best smile cuz I know I am looking good that day. He says…

1. “Why are you wearing sunglasses, it’s not even sunny out?”
2. Do you think you are “Ms. Hollywood or something?”

And finally, after the first two insults, soon after the hostess seats us, he asks,

3. Can I kiss you?

ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH and even after I answered a resounding “no” to his last question, he still insisted on sitting on my side of the booth and planting one on my cheek when I clearly gave no sign of us having any chemistry.