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Worst date I went on from pof (Plenty Of Fish) was with a guy who looked nothing like his profile (as in, he used a really hot guy’s pics and he was, let’s just say less than hot). We met at Starbucks for coffee. When I showed up he had the audacity to then tell me that he was very “impressed” with how I look and that he was actually expecting some “fat pig” to show up because in my profile I say I am a few extra pounds and that I actually look better in real life. In my mind all I could think was “ummm wish I could say the same about you buddy.” Not that I am shallow, I just think people should be honest and realistic about how they look in their profile. Anyways I just politely drank my latte and engaged in courteous conversation (mostly listening to him complain about his mother) for about 15 minutes.

Then I tried to cut the date short and said I have to go now. He kept suggesting we go to the beach for a walk or maybe window shopping in the mall and can “buy me something.” I said no thanks. Seriously, this guy would NOT take no for an answer. So I got up while he was still talking and walked to my car and he followed me, then grabbed my arm and tried to pull me into his van (yes, it was a van, with tinted windows and everything, how cliche I know). This resulted in quite the physical struggle in the parking lot, him yelling that I was a “wicked b*tch” (wtf?) and a bunch of other profanities. A little old lady literally had to intervene and beat him off me with her purse and this gathered a larger crowd of people who gawked and took videos with their cell phones. Then he drove away like a maniac, squishing a garden on the sidewalk in the path of his wrath.

The experience made me not want to date ever again, but luckily no one else has ever been that close to psycho-van-driving-mother-hating-guy. I take pepper spray with me now… just in case.

Starbucks Surveillance

Actually I do have a story similar to this. It happened the first and only time I agreed to meet someone I “met” on POF (Plenty of Fish) online without seeing a picture of them first. We had emailed back and forth and talked on the phone prior to meeting and decided to meet at Starbucks over a coffee.

We arranged a time to meet and discussed what each of us would be wearing so we could recognize each other. I went there did not see anyone who matched her description but did see a woman who looked her age and body type height waiting in a corner. I hung around for about 20 min while I had a coffee and did not see her so I left figuring I had been stood up.

I phoned her after the meet and she said she had chickened out on the meet. I did not bother to communicate with her further. Some months later I noticed her profile on POF again this time with pictures. I turned out that she was the lady in the corner of Starbucks in disguise. To me that is just weird behavior for a woman in her 50’s. I kind of felt like I was under surveillance.

Starbucks Dash

It was so bad I cut it short after 10 lousy minutes.

I met this gal at a Starbucks. She was 15 minutes late. Strike one. I was getting up to split when she walked up. “Daniel?” She sticks her hand out to shake mine (normally I get a hug), not one hint of a smile. Her face literally looked like this 😐

We go in and order our drinks. I pay for both, as I’m waiting for my change, she zooms over to the condiment area about 30 feet away, leaving me at the register (call me crazy but I’d have waited, then walked there together). Strike two. If they’d been busy and she wanted to guarantee us a seat, I could understand but there were four people total there haha.

We sit at the outside table area, the entire time we’re talking it’s her, her, her. She asked ONE question about me. The entire time she’s looking all over the place, everywhere except at me. Aaaannnnd that made it strike three.

I stand up and say, “Wanna go ahead and wrap this up?” “Wrap what up,” she said. I reply, “You wanna just call it quits?” She goes “What do you mean call it quits…stop talking?” I said yeah, and she’s sitting there looking dumbfounded like she doesn’t know what’s going on, so I just said “Cya!” And left.